Introduction to Differential Equations and Applications

University of Washington, Seattle
Summer 2014
MWF 1:10-2:10, CMU 226

Lowell Thompson

Office Hours:
Wed, 2:30-3:30
Thur, 3:00-4:00
Lewis 128


Notes: Bernard Deconinck and Nathan Kutz

Lecture notes on logistic harvest model

Table of Laplace transforms

Correction to Monday's lecture

Homework Assignments:

Assignment Due Date Solutions
Assignment 1 (Review) Friday, June 27 Solution
Assignment 2 Monday, July 7 Solution
Assignment 3 Friday, July 11 Solution
Assignment 4 Friday, July 25 Solution
Assignment 5 Friday, August 1 Solution
Assignment 6 Friday, August 8 Solution
Extra Credit Friday, August 22
Assignment 7
(See correction)
Wednesday, August 20


20 August, 2014: I noticed another mistake in the solutions for assignment 6. Problem 4c was incorrect, but is now fixed. 19 August, 2014: I misread the question in assignment 6, problem 4 when I was typing the solution. I have corrected the solution now.
7 August, 2014: I have reworded the lines of the table of Laplace transforms that dealt with Heaviside functions. They might be helpful for the homework.
28 July, 2014: For assignment 5 problem 1, you do not have to check the endpoints for any interval of convergence. For problem 3, notice that you only need to find the first four terms of each solution (8 terms total). You don't need to find a general formula for the coefficients.
24 July, 2014: Assignment 4 updated. In problem 4, you need to find the amplitude (also known as the maximum height) of the particular solution for each value of omega. Also, since all of the graphs should look very similar, you only need to include the graph for one value of omega in your write-up, in addition to the plot of amplitude as a function of omega.
25 June, 2014: Office hours on Thursday changed to 3:00-4:00 (syllabus updated)
2 June, 2014: Corrected typo in Assignment 2. The Gompertz Equation is (1/N)*N'=r*ln(K/N).